Dorsey Kaufmann
Dorsey Kaufmann
Artist ·
Dorsey Kaufmann is an artist and environmental researcher in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson. For the past five years, Dorsey Kaufmann has worked closely with environmental justice communities in Arizona that neighbor toxic mining waste. Through her interactions with community members, miners, labor organizers, and environmental researchers, she uses art to embody the legacy of contamination in these towns and preserve the environmental histories as told by the people living in the aftermath of mining in the rural Southwest. Her practice further examines the conflict among corporations, government, and community health and highlights the combatting motives, perspectives, and narratives of each. She primarily works in time-based media; including video, performance, animation, and 3-D installations. Reflecting on systems design, she considers the freedoms and limitations of movement in daily life (of bodies, products, and/or capital) by using art to translate the politics of our environment and reveal the complex histories of place.
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