DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+
DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+
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non-profit, artist-run art space in Bonn, Germany gUG (haftungsbeschränkt) facebook: Das Esszimmer Instagram: das_esszimmer Twitter: das_esszimmer DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ is an artist-run, off- and non-profit space, that was initiated in October 2011 by the Swiss artist Sibylle Feucht. We understand exhibiting art as an adventure and departure to the unknown, questioning conventions and perceptions. – We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. In a cosy setting we present current, international positions and regularly collaborate with curators and other exhibition spaces. Fostering exchange between artists and visitors as well as between local, national and international artistic positions, is a major concern in our work. In addition to the artistic, formal aspects of Art, we always see and challenge the social and political dimensions of Art, their analysis and reflections. – DAS ESSZIMMER offers the physical and mental space for this discourse.
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