Jessica Angela O'Neill ( aka JABO)
Jessica Angela O'Neill ( aka JABO)
Artist ·
Jessica. A O’Neill (b.1999, Kingston, London) is a second generation Polak, and former student athlete at Wellington College. O’Neill found her artistic voice whilst studying BA (Hons) Photography at The University of Brighton, eliciting “my mission is to create striking visuals that will facilitate changed environmental behaviours”. O’Neill has a strong affiliation for the world’s oceans and her latest practice explores the ubiquitous nature of Microplastics and the perpetuating doom that it promises. Most recently, showcasing her self portrait ' Saturating and Sinking Deeper' from the series, CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA at Photo London 2021, at Somerset House as part of ‘The Fair’s Acclaimed Discovery Section’, she is due to exhibit more work from the series at Photo Swindon 2021. O’Neill currently lives and works in Brighton, U.K.
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