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#Flies# The photographic project is inspired by a personal text born as a monologue photo, entitled "Flies". The protagonist is an imaginary character in mutation, who develops an aversion to the environment (no longer distinguishes the natural one from the artificial one). This confusional state will lead him to a deeper identity crisis. (Take what you read and see for what it is not). 1. It is not healthy to take self-portraits and talk about yourself. The fly would not. 2. When I decided to make my monologues photos I didn't have flies in mind. And of this I have sinned. But never get off the fly at the right stop, this is pure arbitrary madness. Certainly a certain one who invented the inner Monologue had to do with flies and background noise. How much psychic energy wasted lady! From my point of view it was anything but waste, an exponential infinitely increasing number of thoughts, visions that accelerated the prophecies of my life. Flies. I entered a claustrophobic installation, the high dose for taking the metro and getting off at the stop earlier. I was dizzy yesterday. 4 60-inch screens recreate the space of the four home walls. Yesterday it was hot I fought a gnat thirsty for my blood. The plasma surface is disturbed at the bottom of the screen by an insect that scratches on the orange peel wall. Another screen behind me shifts the point of view, throwing your gaze from top to bottom, framing the upholstery of an ordinary sofa and up and down and then to the right and left, I feel seasick. I no longer see with my own eyes. Today I see it as a fly. Yesterday I was dizzy and I fought a fly. That's all. A fly, seasickness, a point of view that then it is mine or the fly I understood that it does not change if we are all capable of living. What about the recommendations for abuse? Here yes, those are needed because writing about yourself is a development process in the dark (as in a dark room) slow and lonely. A spiritual retreat. 3. refrain from improper use, and not really. It is not a cure and can cause serious reactions. Following the advice is better than the doses. Otherwise abstain completely. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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