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Anne-Marie GirouxArtist ·
Still life no.2 drifting
NATURE MORTE no.2 à la dérive STILL LIFE no.2 DRIFTING Painted wood frame, metal, oil painting fragment, 14 in x 11 in x 0.75 in, 2020 DRIFTS DRIFTING PHASE II Installation Project. Photo: Paul Litherland The DRIFTS DRIFTING PHASE II installation project proposes a questioning of human and artistic drift, a theme that Anne-Marie Giroux has been exploring since 2014. Taking a critical and mocking approach to the relevance of the very essence of the art object, the artist also questions the relevance of being an artist and most specifically, the importance of being a woman artist. Composed of three-dimensional works developed with traditional mediums and recovered materials, the installation is presented as a still life, fragmented with multiple « self-portraits » of the artist and her art, adrift. In the continuity of the DRIFT (2014-2018) and DRIFTING (2017-2018) series as well as the DRIFTS PHASE I installation project (2O19), it is during the Covid-19 confinement of spring 2020 that the artist undertook the creation of the DRIFTS DRIFTING PHASE II installation project. In December 2020, she also had the opportunity to complete an artist residency that allowed her to refine the project and create in situ at Galerie ERGA in Montreal. The artist now plans to present the project publicly. Anne-Marie Giroux attaches great importance to the creative process. One of the peculiarities of the project comes from a desire to push the practice of painting and sculpture further. She challenges herself to compose with the surrounding material in her studio, whether it is with the oil painting fragments that dried and that accumulated, plasters and cements created for previous projects, materials and objects that have piled up in the studio over the years. Greatly inspired by the work of Duchamp (transposition of the object into art), Ed Rushcha (conceptual aspect) and Mathieu Lefèvre (questioning and relevance of being an artist), she has created a series of three-dimensional works offering a poetic and minimalist in situ that will be able to transform and recompose itself in the spaces that will host it.
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