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Saudade (Present in Absence) - a visual poem on longing (Portuguese with English Subtitles)
Video ArtDigital Art 2K
Saudade (n) a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia This film is born out of our personal experience of seeing one of our dear friend's heartbreak. She had written a poem after her love affair ended abruptly due to circumstances beyond her control, interestingly on the theme of her hair called - 'I think its time to chop off the tresses of my hair.' Since then she used to feel alienated from her curly hair that she had somehow imagined to have submitted to her lover, as he was in love with them. Hair is an integral part of our identity. Poets and writers have predominantly written zillions of poems in every culture in praise of their lover's body, especially hair as a metaphor of feminine beauty. We experience love through intimacy and exploring bodies. This emotional connect with body and hair seen as an expression of longing, loss and letting go, inspired us to shoot the video art. A visual poem on longing and memories narrated through the metaphor of hair. The unbearable feeling when your special someone is present even in their absence. a poem by Sheetal Bhan enacted by Aagatha F Gomes & Julio Padial directed by Judhajit Bagchi & Ranadeep Bhattacharyya original music score by Salvatore Carannante a yaannus films production visit www.yaanusfilms.com FORMAT: VIDEO ART CANVAS: 1:1 RESOLUTION : 1080 X 1080
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