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Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (the very very short presentation) > The Orchestra Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a virtual tribe of performers from all over the globe performing together its audiovisual concerts from its base in virtual worlds which gives a vital arena investigating telematic connection, creation, and performance, and dynamic relationships between virtual and visceral worlds. The Orchestra perform its avantgarde farout funny perplexing and aweinspiring concerts in any venue that can access the internet and project the visuals. Our pieces lend itself particularly well to such installations where immersing the audience is an important aspect of the performance. In these testing times, with covid-19, and climate change, the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is one perfect way to tele-engage an audiovisual community with a local audience, and to experiment together with the Orchestra about identity, perception, telepathy and collectivity in a music and sound context. The Orchestra is in itself an unexpected and exiting thing that did happen in 2007, and is really still happening. The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is what it is pushed to be, and it is constantly pushing, to become something much bigger than the sum of its parts. What we do, are gigs that challenge and surprise both the ordinary and adventurist audience alike! > The Presentation The concept of Orchester Installations widens the options for how to feature an Avatar Orchestra Metaverse live event, and the Orchestra is still breaking new ground for the virtual, making a new template for what audiovisual performances can be–and how it is presented–at this new frontiers. The Orchestra has been invited to performe live in cinemas, TV, and in installation formats with 1 to 3 projections in major media, music, art and academic events throughout Europe and North America. The Orchestra have successfully presented remotely in such events as the Soundings, KHM–Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln; Network Music Festival 2014, Birmingham; Vector 2014 – Game + Art Convergence Festival, Toronto, and Diffrazioni 2016 – Firenze Multimedia Festival, Firenze, to name a few of the more recent ones.
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