Lisa HoffmannArtist ·
Atlas of the Essence
Atlas of the Essence is a result of a critical examination of images of the mainstream media, their perception and the artistic research for counter-images. Conflicts, catastrophes, political scandals and terror dominate the media. The works of the ongoing research project break with our understanding of the image and unite a multitude of existing photographs of individual events in one image, creating chaos, ambiguities, gaps and new insights through superimposition. The third part of the series ATLAS OF THE ESSENCE is about enviromental issues. It includes works about mining, which not just has a big influence in the enviroment but also deals with unhuman working conditions. Other works of this part deal with pipelins and the resulting damage in nature and enviroment and further human made enviromental issues. The works shown are of the third part and are about enviromental issues. They include "Essence of Copper Mining" 2020 "Essence of the Ijen Sulfur Mine" 2020
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