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Nostalgic Flaneur - The Paris Metro
Video ArtDigital Art 2K
Flaneur refers to the 'passionate spectator', a Parisian stroller who saunters around observing society. The film is an ode to the spirit of the 'Flâneur', a term coined by Charles Baudelaire, who is an enthusiastic passionate spectator of life, finding happiness in the ephemerality that unfolds in front of the eyes. A 'stroller' who saunters around observing society being always present in the moment. Isn't being a Flâneur the true essence of every life as we whizz past through stations on this metro of life, forever headed to our final destination? An experimental work stitched together with the aid of moments captured in photographs along a ride on the Metro in the eternal city of Paris. Words, music, noise, songs, laughter and loneliness - all merge together on this ride as we head towards the unknown final destination. Once one has embarked upon this journey and experienced life as a Flâneur, the memory is forever etched, returning to the minds' eye making one nostalgic, as Wordsworth aptly put it in his poem 'Daffodils' - 'For oft, when on my couch I lie; In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye; Which is the bliss of solitude...' A film by Nostalgic Flâneurs- Judhajit & Ranadeep, Yaanus Films. Photographed, Produced, Directed & Edited by Judhajit Bagchi & Ranadeep Bhattacharyya
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