Art in the Dance World
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The artist Rilana Vorderwülbecke (Kunstraum, Berlin) and the choreographer and dancer Tchekpo Dan Agbetou (DansArt, Bielefeld) will focus in their first collaborative workshop Poetics of Space on the idea of how to decentralize the mind by using the media African contemporary dance (Tchekpo Dan Agbetou) and fine art (Rilana Vorderwülbecke). The intention is to focus on the effort to escape old paths, single-mindedness and the constant search or longing for solutions. Intermingling contemporary African dance and art will create a new play-room, which will have limitations, given by space, time and material; however the aim is to break them. The artistic process will be taking place by separating oneself from the objectives that surround. It will originate not in reason but in letting go of control. The senses will go through a metamorphosis.
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