Anushka Divecha
Anushka Divecha
Artist ·
My name is Anushka Divecha and I am a Textile Designer with a specialisation in Weaving. I am a recent graduate of the MFA Textiles program from The Rhode Island School of Design and have a body of work constructed on the Floor loom, Dobby loom and the Jacquard loom. ​My inspiration stems from nostalgia and memories of the sights, smells and experiences of my home back in India. I am interested in creating textiles that bring warmth and comfort to a space, while introducing the viewer in to a small aspect of my homeland. My recent work deals with food and comfort in a time of isolation. My work combines my love for the tactile and material properties of textiles, with colour, pattern and illustration that I honed when I worked as a graphic designer. I have an immense admiration for traditional techniques, craft and the artist's hand and I am interested in how to utilise those techniques in more contemporary ways.
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