Agil Abdullayev
Artist ·
Agil Abdullayev manifests his practice by blending conceptual essays, humor, and social commentary in a combination of video, installation, and performance. Agil examines representations of Azerbaijani identity and its relationship to history, culture, queer thoughts, and radical South Caucasian traditions, that often interwoven in explorations into his multiple alter-egos and imaginary teenagehood friends within post-modern narratives. His interdisciplinary research-based practice frequently references and incorporates theoretical models concerning imposed gender roles and embedded social class inequalities. Agil’s works were shown in group and solo exhibitions such as the Photographer Gallery London, 2019; MOMA Tbilisi, 2019; Liverpool Biennial, 2018; The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale, 2017; 2016; Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, 2014. Abdullayev has been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and been a recipient of "Attic Residency" by One Throsby Street in Nottingham, UK. Agil has been awarded individual projects grants by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, BKA Eastern grant for Summer Academy in Salzburg, and Cittadellarte for Community Based Projects. In 2017, with artist/curator Emily Simpson, Agil co-founded online residency and exhibition space WUU2?, and has been a member of independent art and film space Salaam Cinema Baku, 2019 - 2020. Agil founded a critical thinking and artists’ discussion platform “Çağdaşçılar” in May 2020.
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