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    • Carried Bells

    • Carried Bells is a new, process-based work by Kovács/O’Doherty, in which sounds and images of a series of ringing church bells are recorded, in a repeating daily task. These sounds and images are then brought together in a central installation, which grows by one bell each day, over the course of...
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    • BBA Photography Prize 2019

    • Event by BBA Gallery

    • 10. - 20.10.2019 Opening Wednesday, 09. October, 18.00 – 21.00 Announcement of the Prize Winner Open Daily 13.00 - 19.00 Shortlist Chirag Jindal Choki Lindberg Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart Jane Ward Curators Renata Kudlacek Nele Ouwens BBA Gallery and jury of professionals...
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    • Come As You Are Frank Coldewey Vernissage: 10.10. 2019 at 19:00 Exhibition Duration: 11.10.-22.11. 2019 Tue-Sat: 14-18 and by appointment “Come As You Are” is Berlin-based artist Frank Coldewey´s first solo exhibition at the Kang Contemporary. He is a multimedia artist presenting his new...
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    • The Death of Art

    • Event by Sweet 'Art

    • An exhibition exploring all things deadly, deathly and undead Sweet ‘Art are thrilled to invite you to The Death of Art, our next multi-disciplinary art exhibition, showcasing the work of over 30 visual artists. The exhibition, running over the Halloween period, is guaranteed to be...
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    • Vernissage: Ernst Friedrich Drewes

    • Event by tuesday

    • – deutsch unten – With his art, Ernst Friedrich Drewes works against limitations. No canvas, no frames, made of moldable plastic and added color pigments, the Masters student of the Düsseldorf Art Academy creates fragile, colourful objects that dynamically blend and grow into the space. The...
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    • The Still Life of Colours

    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • Opening reception Friday 18.10.2019 from 18 to 22. With a performance by SIMKA at 20. The artist observes reality and using her skill and cultural understanding, then fixes paint and pigment to a canvas. Another person, upon seeing this display, uses his own cultural understanding and...
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    • Das Giftraum /// Christian Perdix - Help Me Yeah, I'm Stayin' Alive

    • Event by Das Gift

    • Christian Perdix shows in Help Me Yeah, I'm Stayin' Alive – a variety of paintings from the last two years that address post-9/11 decisions and their global ripple effects, altering the Middle East and Europe. With a tinge of pop, viewers will witness torture in secret prisons, the glamorous'...
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    • UNBEKANNTE MODERNE | Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst

    • Event by ARTPRESS

    • Ästhetische und gesellschaftliche Utopien der 1920er/30er-Jahre – und zuweilen auch deren Scheitern – sind zentrale Aspekte des Ausstellungsprojekts UNBEKANNTE MODERNE des Brandenburgischen Landesmuseums für moderne Kunst. Im Zentrum der insgesamt fünf Ausstellungen an beiden Museumsstandorten...
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    • Pretty Deadly SelfDefense Level 1

    • Level I: Level 1 is a self-defense class that teaches basic movements and focuses on awareness, balance and natural movement. Techniques are for the most common forms of attack against people who identify themselves outside of the cis-binary and build trust, stop an escape that has already begun...

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