Vinod Madhok

I am based at New Delhi,India. After having spent over 30 years across financial services, media, capital markets and investment banking, I suddenly fell in love with photography in the year 2011. Since then I have gradually withdrawn from all that I have been doing all these years and moved on passionately into pursuit of beautiful art of photography. I am more drawn towards shooting and then crafting photographs into an art form. These art images have been created by a long drawn out process applied over own shot photographs and crafting them into an art form of painting by evoking shapes,colors,light,shadows,etc

You can view some of my work at

I travel globally to see art in museums and to create art.I am seeking to connect with art lovers globally who can volunteer their time and help me to reach out and connect with like minded art lovers,art galleries,art curators,art grants foundations etc to facilitate my pursuit to reach out and share my art globally.And also extend their assistance to work out travel economically and effectively.
Also with artists to collaborate on various projects of common interest.

Please feel free to message in case you need some more info.


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