• From internet to paper: printing with Vincent Hulme

    Vincent lets us into his apartment with a shy smile; it’s a Monday morning and we’re all tired. The colours of his prints, hanging in his room, immediately energises us though. They are perfectly printed in purple and green. When making a print the first step for Vincent is always to create a prototype by playing around with different images, colours or shapes in Photoshop. The printing can finally begin after he’d gotten it back as an offset plate from the plate maker. “I always go back to printing. That’s the one thing I do recurrently”, he explains.
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    • The Sound is Present - Artists' Talk

    • Event by GlogauAIR

    • Thanks to names such as John Cage, the before unperceived, irrelevant sounds of everyday life began to matter. They became entities, objects themselves, with a presence of their own, free from human control and subjectivity; purposeless, continuously changing, captured from the perpetual flow of...
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    • Opportunity by ARTPRESS - Ute Weingarten

    • ARTPRESS – Ute Weingarten ab sofort für 3 Monate (Vollzeit) ARTPRESS – Ute Weingarten bietet strategische Kommunikation und individuelle Vernetzung von Projekten der Bildenden Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur. Zu unseren Kunden zählen aktuell u. a. das Ausstellungsprojekt „Luther und...
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    • Photo exhibition - Underwater in Seoul

    • "Underwater Seoul" Hosted by TUESDAY COWORKING 23 February - 6 April 2017 opening event 23 February, 6 - 10pm Matteo Rapella’s photographic research is oriented around portraiture and the aesthetic of urban spaces. www.matteorapella.com matteorapella@gmail.com This will be...

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    • Try Creative Career Coaching for Free this Month

    • Opportunity by Rachel Marsden

    • Would you like some free help with your creativity and career development goals? Back by popular demand, this month I have ten free thirty minute coaching sessions available for any artists interested in trying out coaching. Coaching is a personalised, ongoing process so the best way to see...
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    • Opportunity by Joseph Wright

    • This is a PAID job for a music video looking to film in the beginning of April. This will be the first release from Northern Irish electronic artist Ryan Vail's new album. Here is the last film we created for Ryan Vail which premiered over at Wonderland Magazine: ...
  • 67th Berlinale Edition: Courage against all odds

    In honour of the 67th annual edition of the Berlin International Film Festival, one of the leading movie festivals in the world, Artconnect had the opportunity to attend two speeches part of the “Courage against all odds” programme.
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    • No elephants – all others welcome

    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • Lena van Ginkel Anna Fiolka Opening: Fri 17.2.2017, 6-10pm Duration: 17.2.-26.2.2017 Opening hours: Fri 6-10pm Sat+Sun 2-7pm Curated by: Hannah van Ginkel Photographers Anna Fiolka and Lena van Ginkel love the pecuiliar and absurd. Anna Fiolka stages them in her portraits:...
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    • Comedy in English : A Winter Refugee fundraiser

    • Event by neil numb

    • Comedy in English : A Winter Refugee fundraiser ★★★★★ ABOUT THE NIGHT ★★★★★ Join us for an amazing night of English Comedy featuring some of the best comedians on the English scene, if you are interested in performing, please post in the feed below. All proceeds will goto MOSAIC...
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    • Art Editor/Writer - Exberliner Magazine

    • Opportunity by glassberg

    • Founded in 2002, Exberliner is Germany's largest English-language magazine. Based in and focused on Berlin, it covers culture, nightlife and politics with a monthly print edition, a website and editorial newsletters. We are currently looking for an: Art editor (freelance, m/f; about 25...
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    • Opportunity by The Rest Is Noise

    • JOB TITLES: PR - PART-TIME CONTRACTOR / RELEASES LOCATION: Harzer Str., Berlin, Germany FREELANCER / PART-TIME (2 DAYS A WEEK) START DATE: Immediately REMUNERATION: Pay dependent on experience. COMPANY INFO The Rest Is Noise is a PR & Communications company that handles extensive and...
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    • Kino Morph in Viron Erol Vert's »Dreamatory«

    • Event by Galerie Wedding

    • Kino Morph Part of the »Dreamatory« exhibiton »The Name of Shades of Paranoia, Called Different Forms of Silence« by Viron Erol Vert, curated by Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Solvej Helweg Ovesen within the frame of UP (Unsustainable Privileges) Dreams in movies…How can an industry...
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    • Kirsten Stolle – Proceed at Your Own Risk

    • Event by NOME Project

    • NOME is pleased to present Kirsten Stolle’s first solo show in Europe, “Proceed at Your Own Risk”. Kirsten Stolle (b. 1967, USA) explores the relationships between economy and ecology in her subversive collage works, which take ideas and imagery from post-war America as a springboard into...
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    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME Colours! Let's mark the upcoming carnival week by...
  • Introducing: Eveline – The Electro-Pop Duo on Releasing Their Debut

  • Staff picks #Artconnectale Edition

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Instagram Don't miss the inspiring meeting between @berlinartlink and artists Pierwoss & Siska. Link in bio! "In ‘Toyota to Benz’ (2011), Pierwoss, with the help of Siska, converted a beaten up Toyota Corona into a Mercedes Benz. Not only a weird but also impossible task anywhere else, in Lebanon such a challenge was met with exuberant optimism from the mechanic to whom Pierwoss proposed her idea: “of course we can do that!.”" #berlin #art #collaboration #spotlight