Villa R Residency

Villa R is an exclusive private residency for artists, one of the first international point of reference for contemporary art in the city of Messina, Sicily.

Villa R is an exclusive opportunity to develop ideas in a wide, beautiful and meditative location, far from the distracting vibes of the big city. The place allows artists to create new projects/artworks in a stimulating environment, in contact with other creatives and with nature.
The residence has wide space for artistic production of any size and media.

Villa R offers a great view on the sea, valley and Eolie Islands. Artists have the possibility to work both in a light atelier of 80 square meters, with big windows, or outside with a space of about 2000 square meters, directly in contact with the earth, without limits of dimentions and media of work.
There is space to accomodate all artists in comfortable and spacious rooms (single or double).

Next deadlines:
15 april 2019 – for applicants interested in may and june
20 june 2019 – for applicants interested in september and october