Tizo All

I'm an artist, searching for art as an attitude of intervention on the reality. I'm a person willing for more awareness and respect for life and co-exsitence among differences and diversity. I'm a researcher of movements and It's implication in the selves, sould, sensibility and capability of loving.
I'm a performer working in the fields of art and education. I create solo pieces and work for and with professionals of dance, theater and visual arts.
Born in Brazil. Based in Berlin. Gratuated in Social Sciences and working as a performer since 2003. I've acting, dancing, performing and facilitating process of dance and physicality to professionals, students and people eager to learn dance as a form of expression.
My solo performances are site-specific pieces dealing and dialogue within the space and its characteristics. I'm a work in process. I'm movement myself. Myself is movement and creation. Self is creativity.

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