Across myriad cultural mythologies the ouroboros represents the eternal circle of life and death. The serpent consumes its own tail to sustain existence. A microcosm for the cyclic nature of the universe: creation out of destruction. It is the cycle of disintegration and assimilation; chaos and order. The unity of opposites; darkness and light.

OUROBOROS are a London and Berlin based direction/production partnership specialising in film, installation, live and performative works. Founded by visual artists Jeremy Carne (UK) and Nikolas Kasinos (CY) who have a combined background in music, fashion and theatre promo videos; installation; dance, performance and choreography. Previous clients include Sony Music, Universal, Republic, Kenzo, Cottweiler, Sacai, Embassy One, ICEA, Stellar Kinematics, Space & Time.


info @ theouroboros.co.uk

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