The Hoo

The Hoo is a Berlin based Italo/French Future Funk crew.

Formed around Anthony Malka (synths & noises), Tristano Pala (vocals & flute), Uele Carboni (bass), Alex Sitnikov (drums) & Andrea Puddu (guitar), this collective mixes influences coming from jazz, funk, hip hop & electronic music.
Not only talented composers, their live performance is a real charge of dynamite.

In 2 years the crew managed to conquer Berlin underground’s scene, to release one LP “My Degeneration”, 2 remixes EP, to play from Budapest to Paris and from Italy to Denmark, to go on German tour backing HipHop veteran Flowin’ Immo.

2014 is the release year of their new effort : New Transition, an 80s Funk 4-track that sounds already like a future club classic. This year signs also the beginning of a collaboration with multimedia artist Mr Geeko and Nu Disco producer Mogul.