Years of friendship, mutual respect, constant collaboration, parallel wave lengths and the realization of the
similarities of their pursuit are the forces that banded these artists together to form a playground where all of
them can combine their aesthetics to form a singular voice that freely shouts for adventure and truth.
Artist Playground is group composed of daring professional Filipino artists trained in different art disciplines.
They are dedicated in creating new and exciting avenues where people can take part in the artistic process of
creation to bring the comprehension that art is part of life’s essentials.
Artist Playground is an arts company that exists to facilitate discoveries through the very basic and primal system
of learning, "Playing". It is a laboratory without the controlled scientific atmosphere that marks glitches as failures.
It is a training ground without structured limitations and boundaries set by popular standards. It is a space where
emerging, mid-career and seasoned artists can breathe life to their creative ideas. It is a movement that
celebrates the power of creation. Most of all, it aims to be an institution that guards the soul of the Filipino
Communities through the use of various creative disciplines in proliferating essential truths.

# contemporary arts

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