Teatro Nucleo Soc. Coop. a.r.l.

Founded in 1974 in Buenos Aires by Cora Herrendorf and Horacio Czertok with the first name of Comuna Nucleo and definitively established in Ferrara in 1978, it is today a composite reality where different artistic projects operating in national and international territory. A theatrical cooperative where founders and new generation of actors and directors work in synergy with other associations and Institutions. Teatro Nucleo sees theater as an important instrument of evolution for spectator and for actors, and this transversal view permeates productions, training and the artistic direction. We don’t see a preferential audience, we try to identify a possible interlocutor in the human being of any gender, ethnicity, age or social class. From an imperative of elementary justice and from the idea that it is possible to find new life and new meaning in art, it is urgent to pay great attention to all those excluded from fruition and artistic production. On this route we direct our constant search for a language that is more universal and oriented by the idea: now and here!

Since 1981 Teatro Nucleo created a number of plays for open spaces and also became a permanent workshop school for this kind of theatre, which, as from 2013, opened new projects in Argentina, under the direction of Cora Herrendorf.

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