I translate my impulse of the moment in a action with a material. I work on establishing a subconscious dialogue between the composition and my feeling of the present moment. I add elements (colors, shapes or piece of paper) on the support only when I feel emotionaly connected in the moment. My technique is based on constructing the composition ( in painting and in collage) by layers. I'm influenced by the abstract expressionsim mouvement, the berliner street art and the african masks. I’ve spent years painting my walls in my flat when I was in acting classes in Paris and in LA. I was using painting like a tool to unlock my emotions before playing the scene. After having some positive feedbacks when showing my work. I decided to commit to painting and collage fully. Since three years, I have already exihibited my collages and paintings in the US, in Europe, in Asia (Japan) and in Africa (Tunisia and Morrocco).