My interest in drawing, photography, painting, and mixed-media started to develop in the early 2000’s as a means of adding some life to my work-life balance. I enjoy creative activities as they allow me to stay in the moment and forget, temporarily, about the rest of the world. I also enjoy seeing a project develop from an idea in my head to a completed piece of artwork.

I like symmetry and the sense of going-with-the-flow that informs the creation of my art work. I’m drawn to symmetry because I am an identical twin and going-with-the-flow comes from being very disciplined in my academic career and wanting to break free of the constraints and “shoulds” that experience created. Avoidance of “shoulds” is a significant motivator in my creative practice, I’m drawn to the emotions that colours and shapes inspire, whatever they may be. It is that emotional inspiration that leads me to create my art.

My process is informed by the activities of my day-to-day life, the ups and the downs, the joy, the self-discovery, the exploration of life outside of the box.