Sophie le Roux

Sophie le Roux’s photography is almost entirely preoccupied by texture, colour, and chance. She frequently uses expired film to produce unpredictable, aleatory pictures, and is fascinated by the accidents that occur at the beginning and end of the roll: a counterintuitive blaze of colour, an elegant chaos of shapes. The camera is encouraged to create something new out of what she’s pointed it at, so that the final result seems to merge the external world with an interior imagination: a photograph captured in the act of capturing itself. The unusual is discovered inside the usual.

I'm also an event photographer.

I've been shooting events, performances and projects for the last 4 years, working with a wide range of artists, organisations and venues across Europe.

I'm interested in aiding artists and organisations who work in live mediums with the documentation, sharing and promotion of their work and events.

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