Rafael Sánchez

Why you could pay attention in someone like me for a chance for work with you?
Well, growing in art view from the childhood, offer a good sense of quality, balance, creativity and diversity. Artist with the eye in beauty and composition. Working with the passion comparable who discover something like the first time.
Passion, life and work, fits together in a lovely combination for growing.

# motion graphic designillustrationphotographyletteringarts anf craftsbookbindingeye detail



Instagram Don't miss our Spotlight on Vincent Hulme @chillback4eva! Link in Bio 🎨 "Vincent lets us into his apartment with a shy smile; it’s a Monday morning and we’re all tired. The colours of his prints, hanging in his room, immediately energises us though. They are perfectly printed in purple and green. When making a print the first step for Vincent is always to create a prototype by playing around with different images, colours or shapes in Photoshop. The printing can finally begin after he’d gotten it back as an offset plate from the plate maker. “I always go back to printing. That’s the one thing I do recurrently”, he explains." 📷 by @anverjo #spotlight #lithographer #artist #serigrapher #writer #performer #art #berlin