Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet is an up-and-coming dance company based in Berlin, Germany. After a history of choreographic success in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Germany, Salvatore Siciliano founded the company in January 2015. The company has flourished in the Berlin arts scene, transforming alternative spaces into sites for new artistic experiences.

Since 2017, SCB is resident artist at Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin. Salvatore Siciliano's work has gained popularity because of his keen ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotion and sarcasm. His choreography is powerful and stimulating and leaves an impression that lasts long after the work has ended.

His work accesses residues of the viewer’s unconscious stemming from religion and psychology with a fresh sarcastic edge, while drawing upon ritualistic behavior and human sexuality. Siciliano’s choreography is multifaceted and woven with layers, the same way a ritualistic act is unembellished, direct in execution and rich with meaning and rooted in a universal energy.

The company’s performances are glamorous and created with a keen eye for fashion. SCB’s collaboration with fashion designers compliments Salvatore's interest in the architecture of the body and the sophisticated edge of his art. His attention to detail purifies the images and is imperative to the communicative ability of his choreography, which is a mix of precision and raw human energy.

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