Sergei Kurek

Hello. I am freelancer and want to offer you technical support for art events, gallery, performances tech issues fixing and some other services.
Everything with electricity, as well:
-cables checking
-power safety of any equipment
-calculating conformity of electric line 16A,32A, 64A for your light or sound equipment
-detecting reason if some of equipment is working wrong
-diagnostics of broken equipment (and fixing). Lamps, Plugs, Speakers, Cables, Amps, Mixers etc.
-Setting up any equipment on event: Beamers, TV-s, Computers, Sound systems etc.
-Microcontrollers (Arduino), sensors, synthesizers designs
-I have tools and equipment

Feel free to write me or call for consultation. I have German Self-Employed Artist Residence Permit, so I can work in art area (being artist myself).
I have experience working in music industry, about 20 film-shooting projects(sound editor, boom-operator) and also I have 3 years of experience in tech supporting Green House Berlin Art community (I can provide recommendation letter from building owners and managers).

my phone: +4915750322176


# art-projects technical support