My main focal points are human forms, urban systems and natural ecosystems. As an ecologist, I study the intricate relationships and interactions between these three entities, and I understand the delicacy of ecological balance, and how this can be easily disturbed due to the profound interconnectedness between these systems.

Animal populations (including the homo sapients), physical environments, and whole ecosystems depend on each other, although this dependence is often indirect and overlooked due to its subtlety.

At first glance my works, be it photography or paintings consist of studies of the mundane goings on of daily life in a major city, however, through colour choice and my use of space, I acknowledge the vast natural context in which every anthropogenic force occurs.

To produce my paintings and photographs I am constantly analysing the world around me to look for these subtle interactions and interconnectedness, aiming to bridge the gap between people and the wild, a reminder that we as people are not separate from “the wild”.

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