About Riedstra: A working process

In my opinion a work of art defines several things: Among others, an authentic interpretation by the artist, meaning: one should recognise the hand in the concept that underlies the work.

By giving it the necessary surplus I commit myself to research my projects.
Searching again and again for new ways, in order to express what I try to communicate to myself and the public.
Different works, confrontational, hopefully for the audience to think about and to look again.

This last, to me, is important. This you could mark as my contemporariness, how the impact and therefore the result of my experiences show in my current pieces.

As for creative processes, they can’t be disconnected from experience; an artist needs these experiences in order to create art. But in the end I am back in my studio and have to create the next work with all the intense uncertainties that come along!

From recent interview with Pheripheral ARTeries staff Montreal Canada

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