ria keburia residency

The Ria Keburia Foundation, founded in 2018 , aims to support the development of contemporary art scene in Georgia and South Caucasus.

The foundation is currently developing its activities in few directions:

supporting the artistic production by local, regional and international artists;
creation of meaningful educational platform for emerging artists;
strengthening the promotion of emerging Georgian and regional artists on international art scene.
The foundation unites the Tbilisi based Ria Keburia Gallery and the residency for local, regional and international artists launched in 2017.

The Ria Keburia Gallery focuses on bringing to life post-human characters and stories using the language of performance, video art, design, and photography. The moving force of Ria Keburia gallery is the strength of collaboration with various artists, designers, photographers.

Within the Artist in Residence program, the Ria Keburia Foundation regularly commissions and produces artistic project that are exhibited in Georgia and abroad.

The foundation supports the activities of independent artists as well as institutions working in the fields of art and photography, fashion, video, and multimedia on national, regional and international levels.