Raimon Sibilo

Rai·mon Si·bi·lo /r eɪ m ə n z ɪ b ɪ l o/ noun m. Visual Artist, Flying Dutchman 1. (Fine/Contemporary) Artist, multidisciplinary (installation, site-specific, photo, video, found footage, internet, social media), conceptualist, observer, flâneur, archivist, aggregator, researcher, performer, works project-based, autobiographic, with long-lasting series/collaborations; 2. Graphic Designer, ZCKSTUDIO; 3. VJ, UNDER KNZTRKTN://, experimental live video arts performer, works with found footage, in collaborations; 4. Homo sapiens, based in Berlin, born & raised in The Netherlands.

Born in The Netherlands in 1981. Based in Berlin. Raimon Sibilo studied graphic design at St. Lucas (NL), one year film at St. Lukas (BE) and then got his Bachelor of Fine Arts at St. Joost (NL).

Raimon Sibilo is a collector of images, ideas, inspirations and tangible items. He then proceeds to categorize, re-use and adapt them, making seemingly illogical connections and creating series/long-lasting projects that intertwine with another. He releases his “autistic” urge for order and perfection, by adding external “uncontrollable matters” to the work.

He often applies the use of irony, sarcasm, cryptic messages, double meanings and self-invented symbolism to playfully discuss serious topics and heighten the absurdity of life/this world, thus heightening the issues of what fits within the frames of ”normal”.

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