Alexander a.k.a. Radtke, was born in a small Russian town. Before he knew he was born to paint, he had a lot of non-artistic kinds of job. In 2011 he moved to Yekaterinburg and started to create oil paintings, not even knowing about professional techniques and doing everything intuitively. Now he has four main series of artworks, which are developing constantly and dynamically:

Let’s Art, portraits of people, whose artworks are very close, important to Radtke;

The Palace of Venus, the ode to women’s beauty and grace;

The Ensemble of Shadows, canvas showing and embracing human’s emotions;

Flowers&Animals — сontemplative power of nature by means of painting.

The artist also paints self-portraits and covers natural rocks with ethnic drawings. Some of his artworks have the function of nightlamps, being able to give a bit of light in the dark. All paintings comes in a genre of expressionism. Alexander inspired by the ability to arouse strong emotions in people, good or bad, to reveal our natural human’s expression.