pRIMO PIANO livingallery

Primo Piano LivinGallery is committed to conduct research of national and international artistic talent, with a full program of interdisciplinary events (visual arts, seminars, performances, workshops etc), hosting artists, filmmakers and cultural people in Lecce, Italy.
The characteristic that differentiates the company from other contemporary realities is the promotion to 360 ° of the artists, the attention to detail in the preparation of exhibitions, the careful selection of works and artists, the widespread dissemination through the press, the network of national and international contacts, curatorial and organizational skills of over twenty years of experience of curators and management, the choice of locations, and the multidisciplinary and multisensorial program of art events, performance etc, that have characterized and defined predominantly the attitude of the PPLG team. Each event is built to exacting canons and attention to individual needs, proposing, then, events that attract national and international visitors and collectors.