Perfect Entropy Productions

Perfect Entropy Productions is an audiovisual, multimedia creative design studio and network of future-minded filmmakers, musicians, audiovisual artists, animators, sound architects and composers.

Core Values:
To promote and support creator-owned artistic properties that allow each individual a community of creative freedom, collaboration and venues for exposure

To bridge the gap between the avant-garde and commercial realms through the firm belief that that style, content and presentation are all crucial to expression, branding and audience penetration

“We are many. We are one.”
- Perfect Entropy Productions

Services Offered:
Long-form & Short-form Film, Television, Web Video and Commercial Production
Live event production
Audiovisual installation & design
Live multimedia production & performance (DJ’s/VJ’s)
Graphic design for print, web, 3-D media, animation
Artist development and creative branding

Past & Present clients include:
Magnum P.R. (New York) , Maya Media (New York/Guatemala), New Rap Order Records & SupaNova (New York), illPHONiCS (Saint Louis, MO USA), Richard Yumang Photography (New York), Shed Media (New York/Los Angeles) , Dick Clark Productions (Los Angeles), Sundance Channel (New York), Shed Media and Radical Media (New York).

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