Pedro Veneroso

Pedro Veneroso (1987) lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He is a bachelor of Visual Arts (UFMG, 2011, Brazil) and master with distinction in Literary Studies (UFMG, 2016, Brazil). His research is focused on the intersections between art, science and technology. He has created and exhibited, both nationally and internationally, works of new media, computational art, video, photography, drawings and installations. He was awarded 1st place at the Techonological Connections Festival (2008), nominated for the 8th Sergio Motta Award (2009) and awarded at the 4th Filme em Minas (2009). In 2011 he was an artist in residency at LABMIS (MIS-SP, Brazil). Among his exhibitions, we highlight the following: Current New Media 2017, in Santa Fé, USA (upcoming, 2017) | File 2017, at FIESP in São Paulo, Brazil (upcoming, 2017) | SPAMM - Super Art Modern Museum - Globe Tour, Paris, France (upcoming, 2017) | FILE 2016, at FIESP in São Paulo, Brazil (2016) | Novas aquisições 2010/2012 - Coleção Gilberto Chateaubriand, at MAM in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012) | Mostra LABMIS, at MIS in São Paulo, Brazil (2012) | SIANA Nanchang, in Nanchang, China (2009).

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