Wulf-Peter Eberhard Fröhlich / PALME

Hello, i am a real BERLINER and i live cince 1983 in the cracyest touwn in the world. Berlin give you the chance to be wat you want to be.
I am happy with my family, my work and my live !!!

My creations are marked by a number of elements that can exist separately and also want to be analyzed. In the colored arrangements of my works carry the creamy thoughts of interested observer on a little journey into my artistic world.
Most often, this plurality of elements that I have on the screen, a whole and should be regarded as a scene in a movie.
The colors and shapes have only one goal, celebrate life and the joy that are lost in the depths of the soul and evoke strong emotions. My pictures should capture the spirit and relax the soul.

With my words:
'My work brings dreams, love and gratitude that exist in my life and my inspiration.'

I understand art as a way to convey a positive feeling, with bright and colorful shapes. The images can be as motivation in an office or find a daily mood revival a flat permanent place.
I find that there is no doubt, I reach my goal to engage the viewer and to open up to him the deeper meaning of my works.
The inclined interested in art, I propose to go into the deep to explore the works with the heart and find the soul, the groove in the pictures. You will see that the color is always dominant and any work brings other emotions; Thoughts, dreams and desires that have found in my distinctive roaring creations their place.