Art Barcelona Workshop

The aim of our open studio residency is to provide a period of rest, recreation and reflection for both local and international artists and practitioners within our open studio. Here we blend art, cultural exchange, coworking and exhibition. From one week up to three months, artists are given access to their own work space within the collective.

We encourage artists to interact with the space, challenging them to create something we are all stimulated by and that matters in terms of visual relevance.

Barcelona has a creative community of people that choose our city to reinvent themselves. It feels like everyone is just waiting for an excuse to create something new, and that makes our work really enjoyable.

Orientated towards the practical skills and techniques associated with the fabrication of steel and aluminium sculpture. We offer classes of Visual Unity with Pablo Bruera to accompany your stay, encouraging the discussion and development of ideas and projects, generating a space for multidisciplinary exchange between artists with the aim of exploring new connections between art and society.

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