Online performance art

ONLINE PERFORMANCE ART Festival is the form of the festival to show art for the first time in the world form of the online festival that will be held completely on the internet through website. The whole content of the festival will be shown by the schedule of the art works that are participating in the festival on the website address
Online performance art is a new art wave, new art style, upcoming period of artistic style, that uses live action directly going live on digital devices. It is born and invented for art performances to go live online. It is a live online show going directly so people all over the world can watch in the time. Created by Sandra Bozic, the new form represents art work digitally, easily interpreted details to produce all drama, tension, exuberance…The “Online performance art” art style, gives the audience possibility to watch the show from anywhere in the world, in the same, appointed time, as a live performance art on digital devises. The performance is going in the exactly appointed time and has its duration of the live action online.
It is concept of the place that is internet website for the festival of performance art to be shown during 4 days.

PERFORMANCE “Online Performance” is live performance that goes online directly on digital devises in the whole world at the same time. It is created by Sandra Bozic with wish and goal to promote the approach and idea of new artistic style-Online performance art .

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