Noize Fabrik

Noize Fabrik is a multi-purposed space in Neukölln for the creative community. Firstly, our co-working space is dedicated to provide the people of Berlin a great space to work and collaborate with others. Alongside the co-working we offer 3 professional, fully equipped studios for everything from music production, composition and recording. These studios facilitate the creativity of musicians, film designers, sound engineers and video game designers. All levels of experience can be accommodated. Our 40m2 stage offers a great space for a variety of events from seminars, workshops and movie nights to concerts, record release parties and film shootings. All technical equipment is on hand and we employ professionals who carry out a diversity of exciting events to stimulate our community and our audience.

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Instagram Don't miss our Spotlight on Vincent Hulme @chillback4eva! Link in Bio 🎨 "Vincent lets us into his apartment with a shy smile; it’s a Monday morning and we’re all tired. The colours of his prints, hanging in his room, immediately energises us though. They are perfectly printed in purple and green. When making a print the first step for Vincent is always to create a prototype by playing around with different images, colours or shapes in Photoshop. The printing can finally begin after he’d gotten it back as an offset plate from the plate maker. “I always go back to printing. That’s the one thing I do recurrently”, he explains." 📷 by @anverjo #spotlight #lithographer #artist #serigrapher #writer #performer #art #berlin