Natasha McDowell

British artist, writer and historian from London living in Berlin. The work shown here, and featured on my website utilize the language of abstraction through a variety of media ranging from ink and acrylic paint; to metal, thread and collage as a means to express emotion and circumvent meaning.

They are inspired by the dense map of human emotions, tendencies and desires we experience, and consider the multiple languages and codes we continue to invent and elaborate upon in order to express, navigate, and understand them. From the purity of love and grief; the overwhelm of anxiety, to the perniciousness of control we increasingly crave.

We are Immersed in a culture with a myriad written, spoken and visual codes; steeped in advertising and self promotion: we never know quite what we are seeing, how we are being instructed -what or whom is being sold. This concept is a jumping off point for much of my work, whether deploying and conflating various languages, or attempting to shed them entirely in an effort to depict something pure and untarnished.

My experience spans a variety of disciplines and thus these images are neither paintings or illustrations, poems, maps, musical scores, instructions for set/technical/industrial design or architectural blueprint.

Rather, they are inspired by each of these visual languages and can be read, understood and inhabited by the eye in a variety of ways, depending on who you are and your existing knowledge and experiences.

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