natasa saric

Natasa Saric is an independent fashion designer from Serbia, who started her career in fashion in 1991. She has worked as a ready-to-wear designer for various fashion industry companies and has worked in parallel on her author collections.

She is a member of numerous national and international art associations, and has won many fashion show awards. Natasa cooperates with different artists like popular music bands, theatrical groups, comic artists, sculptors, photographers, epic fantasy artists etc, from all over the world. Recently, she has concentrated on collections of ties and handbags.

Combining visual arts and fashion, Natasa is well recognized in the professional circles for her authentic futuristic style, geometrical motifs, vibrant energy and for finding inspiration in philosophy, science and nature. Her collections always offer multiple layers of meaning, structure and vision and carry brilliant references to outstanding historical and artistic concepts (Tesla's inventions, the structure of atom, Méliès, Lumière Brothers, space travels etc).

Natasa's customers are looking for unique urban couture items that stand out in style and statement. She currently runs her Fashion Studio in Belgrade, Serbia.(

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