Mr Pigeons

Mr Pigeons is a beat-maker that has
a bird eye view on the story of Hip-hop,
he pays homage to his African roots
through his rhythms and beat patterns.
A very eclectic artist when it comes
to his influences, spending half his
life in the UK you can hear the
personality of the region through his music,
a master layering sounds that take you
other worlds, an acquired taste with a sweet
ending. His peers consider him to be a
chameleon, a free spirit and a paradox.
With various radio placements such as
Radar Radio Mr Pigeons has performed
in various venues around
London such as Ace Hotel and is
set to be playing around Germany this summer.
Mr Pigeons is currently working on an LP
called 'Nation Of Outlaws' under his
rap alias 'Erkhal'. Keep your eyes peeled like
potatoes, watch this space.