Miro Wallner

Miro Wallner is a Brazilian dancer, director, project manager and cultural producer based in Berlin. His interest in movement emerged and intensified with the practice of capoeira, circus and yoga. In Berlin, he has worked as dramaturge in several works from Caroline Alves as ”Unset” (2013), ”DOCH!” and together with her - under the name of Hower - he has directed the pieces Federlicht (2017) and ”UAU: happening now” (2017). Furthermore, he created and performed the solo Treffgegen presented at the project “Oito Solos + 1” in Berlin/2015. He is currently investigating strategies and tools for creation processes as well as the fusion between dance and solo acrobatics. Since 2013 is part of the collective Grupo Oito (Berlin) and has performed I different projects in Germany and Africa.

# danceracrobatproducer