Mind Field Records

"Est. Berlin 2010 - A field of Potential - A love of the less mainst​ream...

Don't ever forget what you are doing in this world and stop for a moment to admire the beauty!

The music that has no other safe place but in our hearts and mind... the border community of dreams that brings our psycho​acoust​ic pathways together to function as one...."

It all counts but we're craving that something a little bit personal and special...

Afterall, your roots must come from somewhere in this web of immense propor​tions.

The aim of Mind Field Records is to live and grow together... To take on board opinion's and shape the future of the wildly esoteric yet groovy sounds around us.

Melodic or Emotional EDM, Unique, Deep, Techno and a spot of Experi​mental​...

Influenced by the likes of: Border Community, Trapez, Traum Schall​platte​n, Cinema​tique, Beachcoma, Maripoza, Kompakt Extra, Doppel​gänger, Shabu Recordings, Proton Music, BCBtec, Dumb Unit, Sender Records, Connaisseur Recordings, Echocord, Manual Music, Sonicu​lture, Silver Planet, Balance Music, Osgut Ton, M-nus, Bpitch Control, etc.

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