Julie Miammmiam is a french illustrator and artist, living in Berlin and born in the 80’s. She studied at the Saint-Etienne School of Art and Design and at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.
She is regularly collaborating with music band, and also the Slow Galerie, Paris, the Serigraffeur, Neurotitan and Supalife in Berlin as the villa Noailles, Hyères.
Since 2010, she is using hand made silk-screen printing, from the drawing, with ink, brush and quill, to the print.
Julie is creating a colorful bestiary, mixed of lightness and power, tinted with humor, but also permeated by more symbolic subjects: global warming, population separation and multiculturalism, infiltration of the wildness in the urban… Her digestive lines of her drawings swing between sensuality and morbid fascination, a bitter sweet fantasy world, inhabited by cute creatures and mysterious beasts.
Her last set, Kopfkino, is about the Kiez of Kreuzberg, animal meeting, alive cemetery and Berlin’s wall crossed over a cosmopolitan pack, message with a strong symbolic resonance…