Bruno Filipe Almeida Santos

I'm a 29 year-old freelance designer based in Lisbon, but I've already lived in Istanbul, Porto and Paris.
I almost finished a bachelor degree in Nuclear Medicine, until I realized I was better off with a paint-brush in my hand than I would with a scalpel stuck to my head. I studied Design at FAUTL in Lisbon and became extremely proactive in the audio-visual departments of ¿life? by choice, and by passion.
solomly swear my name is actually Bruno Santos.
I like graphics, geometry and maths, since I can remember.

I love video-games, geeky stuff and technology.
I speak portuguese and english like a boss.
I like bright colors in fine paper, in audio or video.
I've been practicing design professionally for more than 5 years now.
I take pretty photos with a reflex camera, and I make video with it too.
I also do music, and I'm known worldwide by the weird name of Cleymoore.
I also mix music well on vinyl, and I do it for a living.
I have group of best friends at Adobe called Creative Suite, usually Ableton Live gets jealous.
I paint when I'm bored or pissed, or when my clothes seem boring and in need of some random texture.
I am also the creative director of the Pluie/Noir Artist Collective, where I learned the meaning of 'curation'.
I've worked with inexperienced dreamers, pro-active startups and corporate sharks.

Yeah, this is me.

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