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Hi everyone !
This is Mat from LIVART 藝術整合規劃 (Taiwan).
This is a message for Artists or Galleries who would like to extend their audience by exhibiting in the biggest Chinese Art fairs.

The policy of China is very clear; they do not accept independent and foreign artists applications.
But, to exhibit your artworks there, could allow you to get an international reputation and to sell your artworks at a valuable price.
Since 2018, China has the 2nd place concerning the artworks sales. The country is economically more and more developed every year, and now, they are so interested in Art, that you can find there the biggest Art collectors of the world.
By exhibiting there, foreign artists are not only choosing one of the current most interesting opportunities, they are, before all, contributing to open Chinese mind and to change mentalities.
Because they are compelling Chinese Art lovers to recognize that Art has no borders.

So, we have decided to help them. LIVART is your only international intermediary to exhibit in China.

Our services are made to allow you to apply to Chinese Art fairs.
We are not recruiting artists, we help them to be accepted as exhibitors.
In other words, you will be able to rent a space there. But the cost of the rent and the shipment of your artworks will be at your expense. We are only an intermediary.
However, we are here to help you and to guide you during the whole process.

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