Maria teresa hamon

Born 1981 in Caracas, Maria Teresa Hamon completes her studies on Civil Engineering at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2006. Concurrently with the exercise of engineering, she develops her instruction on photography in a self taught way and undertakes the exploratory period that, in 2007, brings her to the initiation of her photographic academic formation at RMTF and AVECOFA (institutions devoted to the instruction of photography in Caracas). In February 2010 she travels to Italy to start a Master on Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano, where she continues the exploration of her photographic sensitivity. On July 2015, she opens up her first solo show, One and One is One, in the spaces of cultural center Tresy3, in Caracas. On May 2018, she presents her second solo exhibition, Aria, at the Art Gallery Abra Caracas, which, on September of that year, invites her to participate in ArtBo, International Art Fair in Bogotá, Colombia. That same month, the piece titled Il Falso Scopo [Hypothesis of a Photo of The Self made by Someone Else and The Self] wins the second price at the 21ST Young Artists Hall: FIA [Feria Iberoamericana de Arte], celebrated in Valencia, Venezuela. Her work has been published in the book: Nuevo País de la Fotografía, edited by ArtesanoGroup Foundation and Banesco Banco Universal, which present a compendium of contemporary Venezuelan Photographers and Artists active in the field. Currently, the artist works and lives in Caracas, Venezuela.