Manifest Destiny Art

Art & Parties. Parties & Art.
Manifest Destiny Art brings global art to Barcelona and suffuses it with experiential life.

At its stunning, newly renovated and designed 300 m2 and 6-meter tall space in the heart of Barcelona's Art and Design district, Manifest Destiny brings together generations of artists and art lovers and engages them to make art part of their daily life.

Art has always grappled with the masking and unmasking of the truth — figuratively and otherwise. It is through this interplay and testing that we can occasionally touch a sublime truth that reminds us of humanity’s worthiness.

It is art that — when all else fails — has the ability to make the real relevant. Manifest Destiny Art is devoted to shining a light on the work of today’s contemporary artists.

OUR COLLECTORS know that Life is Better with Art and Art is Better with Life. Manifest Destiny Art provides art placement and interior design consultation for all clients.