Luiza Prado

“The light that describes me, reveals you”

Luiza Prado (b. 1988 Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo/Br) lives in Berlin/De. Prado is a transdisciplinary artist.

Her research is on artistic intercession in cognitive and neural system, specifically with the use of photography, noise and performance. Shes speculates the rescue of molecular memory and psychological treatments of traumas with the use of art, and the use of the same in experiments related to physics and electroacoustic starting from the theory of the "camera obscura".

Working in the field of arts since 2012 and participated in fairs such as Scope Miami, Stroke Art Fair, exhibitions in Brazil and Latin America and some European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, among others. Has works in public collections such as the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Bogota and the Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporaneo de Cusco, Peru.